Leave my work

I was fired 😫

Sorry, this is a bit clickbait phrase. My contract was ended due to various reasons. This primary reason is that I could not pass the interview by an industrial doctor and I ended over the period my employer allows me to rest.

Thank you for my colleagues.

By the way, I'm finding my next job. I don't have any concrete next plan. I consider all options about my next position since I can no longer to work for CyberAgent Inc. If you have an opportunity which I may suite for, I’ll appreciate to let me knows about it. Please contact me via my email address which I listed to GitHub.

I'd like to work to continue software engineer and I'm interested in to challenge to shape a platform service provides high availability, performance, and reliability.

However, this my hope might too long jump if you know my career. But I'd like to challenge it.

Finally, I appreciate my colleagues. I’m looking forward to see you again. Bye.